Thursday, June 22, 2017

Bueller, Bueller, Bueller...Here!

I am still here! School is finally out and I'm only working PT over the summer so I've settled down and now I can begin editing book 3 of the Lane Changes Saga. This one is called "Lane Merge" and I've had it beta read. Next step is another edit, then paying an editor then more edits! I hope to have it out before the end of the year.

However, a story about a future character in the Lane-verse grabbed my attention and in a month I wrote 60K words. (That could be one reason, other than work, that I didn't edit "Lane Merge" yet...). I have such a back log of stories with future characters I may be into my 60's by the time I get them all written, edited and possibly out in to the reading world.

I hope everyone is having a great summer. Sending positive reading vibes your way!

You can buy Lane Changes here via Amazon or here at Smashwords.
You can buy Lane Divides here via Amazon or here at Smashwords.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

IWSG: I Just Published My Second Book...

IWSG is short for Insecure Writer's Support Group and is for people who write and feel insecure. Or, maybe you don't write and want to just read about how we are insecure :-) Either way, come visit their site: ISWG

I just published LANE DIVIDES, book 2 in the LANE CHANGES SAGA. I was thinking, as I was driving home from work today, that I don't have an elevator pitch for this. Then, it hit me...Lane Meyers and her family--from book 1 to book 6--is like The Kennedys. Accomplishments and Tragedies befall them but Lane and her family just keep on moving through, coming out the other end stronger than before. No one becomes President in the Lane-verse though. (Thanks to a fellow beta reader for that term).

I would love for anyone to read and review. Or read and pass it on. If you are interested, please let me know via this blog or my email:

Thank you! You can buy it for your e-reader or in paperback from Amazon or if you have a CreateSpace account from there as well.

Thanks to my wonderful cover creator I found on Fiverr who has done this cover and Book 1: LANE CHANGES. Fiverr is a great way to pay a small amount and get a great cover and other services like marketing and audio books. Check them out if you haven't and are in the market!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

IWSG: It's Been Awhile; What's Going On?

I have been so busy between working, holidays and writing I forgot about posting for the Insecure Writers Support Group! Please visit them here:

 I was feeling conflicted last summer when my editor gave me back the edits for book two in the LANE CHANGES Saga. I put it aside, then asked two betas to read it, then a friend and got some feedback that pulled me out of my funk.

So, LANE DIVIDES now has a cover and I'm in the process of tweaking and getting ready to upload to CreateSpace, Amazon etc. I am shooting for a February 24th release! A preview of the cover for Kindle:

As one beta said, "Lane has some shit to work through!" I appreciate everyone who has read my blog, posts or maybe even Lane Changes. Does anyone have any exciting news about books or any other arts they are working on??

Blurb for LANE DIVIDES: 

Lane Meyers thought her life had settled down as she entered college on a full scholarship. Her boyfriend, Rob Holland, was doing well in the Army. The girl who had terrorized Lane in high school was far away and getting the help she needed.  Also, Sam Seeley, a fellow swimmer and high school classmate seems to have found his niche in dating other girls and not pursuing Lane.

Then why did every year in college bring something more challenging for her and her friends?
Partying & Safety--F
Psychology of Love--C
Relationships with Opposite Sex--C
Sociology of Roommates--D
The Art of Line Drawing--D
Independent Living--A
Military Understanding--B

Looking back on her real-life report card, Lane realizes whenever a Meyers, Holland and Seeley are in the same area she can't divide her attention equally so she must make the decision of one over the other. Permanently.