Friday, July 15, 2016

Very Good Advice Regarding Promoting Pre-Orders Of Your Books

Since I am heavily into editing LANE CHANGES via CreateSpace (I always find something small I have to fix) I took a break and "Liked" Smashwords on Facebook. A few posts down was this link on pre-orders. I realized, THIS IS ME! The second book will be out this fall and as I've been obsessing over book one, I realize I need to spread the love.

I need to buckle down and write a blurb for Book Two, LANE DIVIDES.
I found a great cover designer online and need to pick his brain about the cover for book two.
I need to go to all my media outlets and set up the info for LANE DIVIDES.

I'm excited! I have two beta readers reading LANE DIVIDES now, have contacted my editor who has time to read it so...look for Book Two in the fall. I'm hoping it'll be up by October as having two children in high school marching band will take up most of my weekends until November!

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