Friday, July 1, 2016

LANE CHANES *FREE* For month of July!

Smashwords has a free ebook month over July, for those of us who are vacation and want to read some good books! I am participating in their promotion so "Lane Changes" is free on Smashwords! You can buy it, then put in the coupon code it generates, to get it for free! See Lane Changes Book 1-Free to download it!

On Amazon, I have elected to not participate in the KDP Select, meaning I can't offer it for free. I'd like to, as I am not in this for the money. So, I am charging the least amount that I can which is 99 cents. You can buy Lane Changes Book 1-Free via Amazon.

I hope you'll read it either way.

If you are interested in leaving a review, please do! On either site! I have one (5 STARS!) already on Amazon, which was very exciting to discover when I was on vacation this week :-)

Thank you!

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