Thursday, June 2, 2016

Reaching Out: Self Publishing Help

Currently, I am researching the self publishing sites and am listening to a long video about "Smashwords". In addition to that one, Amazon...are there any other up and coming free self publishing sites I should be looking at/learning about?

The cover is about 70% done (I asked if there was a teaser I could put out and my designer is working on it) so I'm still hoping for a publication of LANE CHANGES for the end of June!

Please let me know if you have an specific advice. You can email me also at:



  1. I use Amazon and Smashwords, but I've heard BookBaby is pretty good as well. The nice thing about Smashwords is that Kobo and Barnes and Noble will use their listings as well.

    1. Thank you; I have never heard of BookBaby. I will look into it!