Sunday, June 5, 2016

I'm Trying, WordPress!

So, I've been told WordPress is a great site to use if you want to set up a website. I know there are blogs on there and I'm trying to look for some I like to follow.

However, there isn't a search area to type in what you want to look for...which seems very odd to me. The only way I can follow a blog is to look at whomever "liked" or "Followed" me and do it back to them. Or search using an Internet engine.

I am going to keep Blogger, probably for a long time, as it's so much easier and more intuitive to use! If you want to hop over to my Wordpress site, you can do so here: Wordpress-Anna
On there, I introduce the LANE CHANGES main characters and give a bit of info about them and the book.

Still hoping for a release date by July 1, however, I may push depending on how long my ARC reviewers will be! If anyone wants to read an advanced copy and leave an honest review, let me know!

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