Saturday, April 2, 2016

A to Z Writing Challenge {WR}: B=Be Trusting Of Your Instincts

My first thought on what to post for the A to Z Challenge were parenting tips. I have three teens and figured I'd may have some words of wisdom for others. I sat down in March and wrote up 26 tips.

When I went to post the first one, I read through and found they all sounded preachy and I trashed them.

In my writing, I do the same thing. I write a scene and sometimes when I take a break and go back to edit, my instincts tell me it doesn't work/is not entertaining to read or doesn't evoke an emotion. So, I cut it out and put it into a sepearate folder of "Deleted Scenes."

I trust my intuition in many things, big and small. And while writing isn't as life-saving as your intuition telling you to not take a certain route to the store, I think it's a small unconscious part of me telling me what will not work. Some say it may be God's hand, some say it's your own self-preservation or perhaps it's some form of ESP.

On the flip side, sometimes I get a story idea and go full on into writing and it takes a turn I wasn't planning on...but I call that "my story taking on a life of its own!"

Do you listen to your intuition in writing or other instances? Or do you stick to the plan and power through? If so, has it worked for you?


  1. It's 100% intuition for me!!
    /fellow challenger

  2. Congrats on joining the A-Z Blog Challenge!
    Beth Lapin
    Activities for a Good Life