Friday, April 22, 2016

A to Z Blog Challenge {WR}:S=Sitting around without a laptop

Waiting at the doctor's office for 45 minutes until child #2 gets called back means there is a lot of time to think, and it is usually about one of my books.

I have hit a wall with one of them and am trying to get around/over/through it. Driving is a great way for ideas to come to me as is listening to music but sitting here listening to people hack and cough is not working. (Though, it is letting me write my blog post on my phone!)

What are some of the ways you overcome writer's block? Does physically jotting down ideas with pen and paper help?


  1. When I hit a roadblock I try thinking ahead to what's going to happen later in the story. Then I figure out what things need to happen to get my story from the roadblock to the later point. It sometimes helps to work backwards from the later point.
    Carol at My Writing Journal

    1. Good idea. I'm kind of doing that now. Just making short notes and little scenes wishing the manuscript and I hope to fill it in!

  2. I think recording thoughts as early as possible is required in creating writing. Otherwise I have to make efforts to remember it till I write it down.
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