Saturday, April 30, 2016

A to Z Blog Challenge {WR}: Z=Zones and the Art of Writing

Are you able to write in short spurts? Or do you need at least an hour (maybe two) to get in the zone of writing?

I found I need a good hour to get into that Zen-like state where I tune everything out around me and just concentrate on my thoughts and fingers to the keyboard. Now, this really only applies to writing a story. I am writing this LAST! A to Z Challenge Blog to the "Coldplay 2011 Glastonbury Concert" blaring in the background on TV.

When I first wrote, which was around 2004 or '05 and it was Harry Potter FanFic, I would get so into a zone, I'd forget to eat a meal and not be very hungry. I noticed I lost a bit of weight, which was fine as I needed to but that's not the case anymore. I don't think I could sit and concentrate so long now, ten years later.

People talk about going to a hotel room to write for a night or two without interruptions. I have a friend who'd love a cabin on a lake out in Western Maryland. I'd love to do a retreat with a few writing friends rent a house somewhere in the mountains and write most of the day, then go out to eat! Now, I'm happy with quiet and no one demanding anything of me. But, I'd take a free hotel room where I could order room service, sit and type my little heart out.


  1. I always write in short spurts, often when I can least afford the time! Ideas seem to arrive at the most inconvenient times,and disappear again just as quickly if I don't write them down. Well done on making it through April and thanks for your visits to my humble blog.

    My final A-Z story features 13 neglected Z words

  2. Every now and then, I manage to get into the zone, and I crank out a very respectable word count. This tends to happen at night, when all the other mammals in my house are asleep.

    I've had daydreams about that isolated cabin on a lake/ hotel room/ writing retreat type things, but I honestly don't know if I'd get any work done. Especially if the hotel had room service and HBO...

  3. A cabin in the woods...wouldn't that be wonderful...surrounded by paper, pens, laptop, peace and quiet...just me and my manuscript. Good for you to be able to listen to music and create fiction or essays. Wish I could do that. I resort to talking to myself...or my characters.

  4. I've been in the zone a couple of times - best feeling ever! That must be every writer's dream, a cabin in the woods. ;-)

    Many years ago we went on a family vacation up north and stayed in a cabin in the woods - it was part of a hotel for the restaurant and pool, but far enough into the woods for lots of privacy. I dream about going back there with a couple of writerly friends.

    Carol at My Writing Journal

  5. I used to do that when college finals were on the horizon. It worked, at least until the wine was gone and I eneed up falling asleep to ESPN.

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