Friday, April 29, 2016

A to Z Blog Challenge: {WR}: Y=Yawn! Do your characters sleep?

I read somewhere recently that many stories open with characters waking up or going to bed and that it's not a good idea to begin this way. I  know you are supposed to dump the reader right into the action but sometimes I have to lead up to it.  Since LANE CHANGES is mostly full of teens in the first two books, I worry about their health and make sure they sleep. And eat. :-)

I remember reading an article where Stephenie Meyer was interviewed and she said it was very important to her that Bella eat meals, which is why the cafeteria was prominent in her Twilight story.

I feel sleep is important to my characters and I am quite attached to them; they are a bit like my children.

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  1. My characters do sleep, and occasionally eat. I've actually been a little worried that they sleep too much—meaning, I may have too many scenes which begin with them waking up. Not the first one, but others, later in the story.