Sunday, April 17, 2016

A to Z Blog Challenge {WR}: N=Nine Lines from my book "Lane Changes"

A day late! I have out of town guests coming tomorrow and spent the weekend buying a new minivan, cleaning the house, working in the garden and grocery shopping. Now, I have time to sit and blog...ahhhh!

So, I am excited that my book is done. Edited. Beta read and all that jazz! "Lane Changes" is a novel in the same genre as the 1980s John Hughes movies. It's about life. Love. School. Growing up and navigating that first relationship. Sex. Friends. The cover for "Lane Changes" is in the works and I'm hoping to get the book up on Amazon etc by June 15th.

Until then, here are Nine lines from "Lane Changes", Book 1!

1) First sentence: Two hours before I derailed from the path I worked hard to maintain, I was asleep in my bed, curled up under my warm purple comforter.
2) Lane and her best friend, upon meeting Robert (Rob) Holland--foster child and newest student--for the first time:  "I’m Julia Wiles, and this is Lane Meyers in case you were confused."
3) Thus begins the tug of war between Sam and Rob in regards to Lane: Whatever Rob did shut Sam up for the moment, something I hadn’t been able to do in the six years he’d been taunting me.   
4) Sam's girlfriend, Sarah, is one of the more bearable girls on Lane's swim team:  I was surprised when, a month ago or so, Sarah began hanging out in my corner of the locker room.
5) An "accident" causes Sam to hurt Lane's shoulder, risking her chances of losing a swimming scholarship: .  I should’ve felt mortally embarrassed but by the time she laid a gown over me and pulled back the curtain, I was happy to be dry and warm
6) Someone is leaving Lane "presents" in her locker, which escalates throughout the book:
Someone swooped in and grabbed the rat, tossing it down the hall.
7) Sarah has a secret...
She was much heavier than I would've thought for someone thinner and shorter than me. 
8) Sam vs. Rob. Rob vs. Sam. This is how it'll be for the next few books in the Saga:
It was unsettling to be holding Rob’s hand as he pulled me one way as Sam pushed from behind.
9)  Last scene in the book, Lane texts Rob from college...the same one Sam attends:  
Wish me luck, going to my first college party with Chantell.

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