Tuesday, April 5, 2016

A to Z Blog Challenge {WR}: D=Doing It...(random thoughts)

I just read a book called "Wrong" by Jana Aston knowing it was going to be rated M novel from the description, but didn't know quite how much! It was a bit over the top with the words she chose to use and was way too sexual for something I'd usually read. The story line was a gripper though, once you dug through all the bedroom scenes (and kitchen and office and shower) so the basic parts of the books were good. It was well written, intense in parts and had a good story line for this type of book.

I don't mind sex in books (anyone read "Outlander"?) and I know there are people out there who prefer "clean" books. I've read both, have liked both but I found I need a compelling story line to keep my interest. Just like with any book whether mystery or thriller. But...Erotica? I read the first few pages of one years ago and it was horrible. It was like reading a script to a 3am Cinemax "movie" that you'd try to watch as a teenager without your parents knowledge, but written at a 3rd grade level.

As a writer, when it's time for one of those scenes I try to not be crude and rude, which is how I feel some authors like to write. Not sure if it's for the shock value or what, but I guess there is a following for that kind of story. Just not me!

So, there are my random thoughts after finishing "Wrong". Anyone else have random thoughts on sex in books?

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  1. I think it takes a special talent to write sex scenes well. Sadly most aren't well written.