Thursday, February 25, 2016

PEN NAME--Am I supposed to announce this change?

I have no idea if I am supposed to advertise this or not. But I am.  Just in case you were looking at the blog going, "I swear she had a different name."

I finally settled on one. I have been doing family history for years and knew I'd settle on a name from my tree, but didn't want it too long or too far down in the alphabet.

A family member, Julia, on my mom's side died when she was only five years old (back in the early 1900s). She had a sister named Anna so hence "Anna J." and Adams just seemed to flow off my tongue when I said it aloud.

So, there it is. Anna J. Adams.

Thanks for bearing with me :-)

Guess I'm off to change the email as well!


  1. Pen names are good. I have used interesting names in my family history for a few stories. Chiefly those for a young audience. Anna J Adams has a good ring to it. Cheers.

    1. Thank you, Ann! I've been referencing my family for awhile as I noticed I tried using the same names a few times within the Lane Changes series. I guess I have my favorites!