Saturday, October 10, 2015

IWSG: Publishing On My Own...I Think

A few days late. I always remember IWSG is coming up on a Tuesday or the week prior, then I work on Wednesday it is better late than never :-)

The publisher who was going to take my three books in LANE CHANGES is not able due to work and other unsforseen circumstances. I have put 10+ years of work into my character and her life so I have to get it out there to share.

I did send it to a few agents and publishers back in July. When I was on Twitter last week, I noticed a post by Entangled Publishing and realized they hadn't responded about LANE CHANGES. I went into SPAM and there was a response. It was a no, however, they gave me some valuable feedback.

I then sent the first few pages to an editor to get a quote and got some feedback from them as well.

I am overwhelmed. I don't know what to fix first, so I'm backing up and finding beta readers and having one friend who is great with grammar to read it as money is tight with as my kids say "colleging"!

Then, I may ask the editor to just do a content edit which is half the price of a full on edit.

I guess after that, it's time to put it on Amazon or try, send it to Entangled or another agent/publisher... again? I'm a bit at a loss. The originial publisher gave me a ton of links to books and blogs on how to self publish but I need to carve out the time to go through them and take notes, much like a class.

On the plus side, a friend of mine recently got back into digital art and his pictures are absolutely amazing. He offered his help with a book cover, as that is what he wants to delve in to, so I may have that "covered". 

Anyone self publish? Do you have any words of advice or caution?


Friday, October 2, 2015

Stick a Fork In Me..I'm Done!

I did it! <insert happy dance>

I finished the series, Lane Changes, that I have been writing for over ten years.

It started as one, standalone, 80K word book. I then divided into two and like cell division, it multiplied.
I stopped, took a break, started...worked on it occasionally but only over the last three years did I dedicate so much time as the stories of my characters wouldn't leave me alone.
Today, I typed the FINAL words in the FINAL book of the series.

There are approximately eleven books, some can be combined, and 898,942 words. Only the first book, titled "Lane Changes", is complete and as edited as I can get it. I am looking into finding an editor as I think I may be self publishing the first three rather than go the publisher route.

So, I am excited! Sad. Happy. Bittersweet. I wanted to tell someone but many of my friends don't know how much time and effort I put into this world but I know other writers do.

Hopefully, the first book in the series will be up by next year and, fingers crossed, people will love Lane and her friends as much as I do.

Thanks for reading my post :-)