Friday, August 7, 2015

Hide N Seek---IWSG

Hi there! I am a few days late but we went on vacation to the beach and I chose a condo without internet/WIFI, so it was very hard to blog from my phone!

I found a new author (to me): Robyn Carr. There was an amazing used bookstore at the beach and I saw her Thunder Point Series there and bought the first two. Two days later, I went back and bought two more and just ordered the rest via Amazon (there are more than three if you are interested!)

I didn't even notice they were published by Harlequin until the second book. I remember reading a few Harlequin's as a very old teen/early twenty something and all the covers were the same to me back then. At least this series doesn't have the bodice ripping cover or the half naked man on the front, which I appreciate. I'm insecure, I think, when it comes to what people think of me when I'm reading. Are they judging me by the book cover?

I have never read this book. I'm just using it as an example for a bodice ripping cover!

This got me thinking: has there ever been a book you were embarrassed to say or show that you were reading? I remember loaning out the print copy of "Fifty Shades of Grey" that I actually owned (when it first came out) and the friend returned it to me wrapped in a paper bag. For those of you over 30, remember how we used to cover our school books with paper bags?

That's how my friend covered the book. Now, I didn't take "Fifty Shades..." and read it on the beach or in an airport because I was slightly embarrassed. However, I think that may be the ONLY book I made an effort to hide. Have there been any for you?


  1. No worries you're a little late!
    I don't think there has ever been a book I was ashamed to let others see I was reading. Not even the time I read a blogger buddy's chick lit book.

  2. I have wanted to hide the cover of some romance novels. Danielle Steel comes to mind, as I only read her to know how NOT to write a romance. The erotica I read on Kindle, but have to be careful when others pick up the device and scroll through the carousel.