Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Blood, Boobs and Carnage

I am a few days late with this post as I was working, quite a bit. I am almost done working as a Customer Service rep with a huge, new grocery store in the area (can I share the name on here? I don't even know the protocol...)

Around 9:20pm on Sudnay, I came home from work and my 18 year old was watching Game of Thrones. Now, I binge watched the first three seasons on Netflix when season 4 was on HBO. I didn't purchase HBO---after all, I already bought STARZ for Outlander! I found the longer I went without watching GoT 4, the more I forgot the characters' names and when my kids talked about the books (as my younger teens are allowed to read the books, not see the show) I fell off the wagon. I didn't mind the nudity, the violence...I just am not a huge fantasy person. I watched the last half our of the most recent GoT episode and got an update from my son and realized it was like a very violent soap opera. You can watch an episode, get a quick update from a friend and be all caught up in just a few minutes! Especially when just about everyone dies.

I watch Outlander, too. "Outlander" is my favorite book and one I can read and reread without getting bored. I remember getting a copy of it back in 2002 from a friend and have read all but the last two. I bought STARZ to watch the miniseries. This show has the BBC as well, but definitely not as prevalent as GoT.

Thanks for reading! Any other "Outlander" fans out there?


  1. I ordered Starz just to watch Outlander because I also love the book!!! I only watched the first season of GOT so far.

  2. No worries on a little late!
    I don't have Starz, but I have been watching Game of Thrones. It was my pick as well.
    Thanks for participating in our blogfest.

  3. I've heard of Outlander but never saw films or read books of the series. Don't have any premium TV either.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

  4. Not really into Games of Throne (and if it's fantasy I probably wouldn't be) but I am a huge Outlander fan! Read the book and am thrilled that the series on Starz is really good at following the book. I'm getting caught up on the current season. I have all the books but have only read the first one. They're so intimidating because of the sheer length of the books. Diana Gabaldon is a fabulous writer though. I really should start reading the rest of those, huh?
    Michele at Angels Bark

  5. My mother raved about the Outlander books years ago, but the sheer size of them scared me at the time I was trying to finish my first book. The show looks good, well, the guy certainly does. One day I will get to watch / read it. :)
    THANK YOU for joining Alex and me in this EPIC blogfest!
    Heather M. Gardner

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