Thursday, May 21, 2015

To Spell Or Not To Spell..It Should Not Even Be A Question!

We moved to this town outside of Boston three years ago. The town is known for great public schools, has a high standard of living etc etc (which is why we are moving back to MD next month. A bit too expensive up here and our family is down in MD anyway.)

So, when we went to our very first high school program back in 2012, and picked up the ever present flyer which tells you who is who and what is what we noticed spelling errors. In children's names, the year was wrong and even the section of band the kids were in was wrong.

Over the years, it has become a tradition for my daughter and I to look for these misspellings and mistakes. The programs have never disappointed us.

Last night was one of many Senior award nights. They were giving away school awards: a few $500 scholarships to kids in sports, certificates to kids in the top 10% of their class, departmental awards for highest GPA and acknowledging the West Point Appointee and National Merit Scholar finalist as well. In the program not only was the word "Wednesday" spelled wrong (no S), there were some grammar mistakes as well.

I don't understand. Doesn't anyone at least use spell check? Or ask a fellow employee to look over something that will be handed out to HUNDREDS of people and probably put in a kids schoolwork box to be looked at decades later?

Although, the program misspellings are not as amazing as going to Red Robin in Nashua, NH (a year and a half ago) and in front of the curb, against the sidewalk, was this:
You know how they fixed this? They painted over the "G" with the "N" then added the "G" at the end. ("Live Free or Die" is NH motto, by the way.)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Blood, Boobs and Carnage

I am a few days late with this post as I was working, quite a bit. I am almost done working as a Customer Service rep with a huge, new grocery store in the area (can I share the name on here? I don't even know the protocol...)

Around 9:20pm on Sudnay, I came home from work and my 18 year old was watching Game of Thrones. Now, I binge watched the first three seasons on Netflix when season 4 was on HBO. I didn't purchase HBO---after all, I already bought STARZ for Outlander! I found the longer I went without watching GoT 4, the more I forgot the characters' names and when my kids talked about the books (as my younger teens are allowed to read the books, not see the show) I fell off the wagon. I didn't mind the nudity, the violence...I just am not a huge fantasy person. I watched the last half our of the most recent GoT episode and got an update from my son and realized it was like a very violent soap opera. You can watch an episode, get a quick update from a friend and be all caught up in just a few minutes! Especially when just about everyone dies.

I watch Outlander, too. "Outlander" is my favorite book and one I can read and reread without getting bored. I remember getting a copy of it back in 2002 from a friend and have read all but the last two. I bought STARZ to watch the miniseries. This show has the BBC as well, but definitely not as prevalent as GoT.

Thanks for reading! Any other "Outlander" fans out there?

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Our Children Are Not Perfect (except on Facebook)...and Neither Are My Characters

My oldest turned 18 yesterday! He is basically an adult and it blows my mind that he is this old. Didn't I just drop him off for preschool and hope he didn't cry the whole time? By the time child #3 went, she was begging to go to school and I was happy to take her so she'd be more stimulated and with a group of kids her own age.

I have three teenagers and love all of them. They are all my favorites, they are all good students, two play musical instruments and they aren't assholes (which was my main role as a parent...raise a kid to not be an asshole) but they aren't perfect. So, why do people in their status messages on Facebook make their children seem faultless and saintlike? Are they afraid people will judge them? Are they trying to prove something to someone else who may be in their FB circle?

My kids argue. One son is in Mock Trial and will argue until you give in, so I have learned to pick my battles with him, when to be quiet and when to tell him *enough* he crossed the line. He loves to leave his wet towels on the floor, he curses even after a lecture about it being a lazy language. Brushing teeth? What is that? Another son doesn't see the mess in his room, doesn't think a brush is needed for his hair and has the tendency to be OCD about the time. It's not "almost 2pm, it's 1:58." My daughter can find the loophole in just about anything and should be a lawyer. She arranges her bookshelves 'just so' and will tell me to ask her to do something directly (not to say "it'd be nice if you walked the dog") but when I do I get excuses as to why she always does it so can't one of her brother's walk the dog? Also, is it a genetic trait that the boys don't think to change their sheets?

Why do we paint our children as perfect? Part of me thinks it is because they will be able to see your post on FB (or a friend's mom will tell someone and it'll get back to said child) and we don't want to ruin their self esteem. Guess what? They know the things I listed above! We talk about it, argue about it and I nag about it on a daily basis. I'm not perfect either and they let me know that; we are only human.

I want my characters in my books to be perfect as they are kind of like my children. Yet, I give them each a fault that carries through the book. It may be insecurity, a messy room, foul language...something that whomever may read the book, when it comes out, can identify with themselves or for someone else.

Any thoughts on why people portray their children, or even their lives, as perfect on Facebook? (I have had two friends cancel their FB accounts because they felt bad about their own lives. They were getting jealous others had more money and were bragging about their latest expensive trip or purchase. )

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

IWSG--I'm Going Through Withdraw--Blogging from A to Z Challenge

Is anyone else going through withdraw that participated in April's Blogging from A to Z Challenge? I certainly am! I loved posting every day, trying to figure out how I can bring everything back to writing with a certain letter of the alphabet. I loved visiting and commenting on other people's blogs. I loved watching comments pop up on my blog and see my "Followers" increase.

I wonder now if anyone will be reading this. Will people keep up the momentum in visiting blogs? Will they go to the A to Z Blog list here and peruse it, looking for like minded people?

Herein lies my insecurities. And maybe some others can relate. We felt loved when people came to our blog whether they HAD to because they were a moderator or helper (like I was with Lisa's Live Wires) or because they stumbled upon us. Isn't that how you find a great book or other piece of literature or even art? You 'stumble' upon it? I'm hoping that is what everyone out there who blogged in April managed to do. Stumble upon a great blog; one they visited every day. I wonder if I am that person for someone?

Some that I really liked are in my info page. One I loved reading every day was Keith's Ramblings You can find others that I visited under my Profile.

I hope everyone had a great time in April and I look forward to seeing many of you next year in that challenge. Until then, keep visiting and commenting.


Friday, May 1, 2015

{WR} Reflections On The A To Z Blogging Challenge

I woke up this morning and realized there weren't any more letters for the Challenge. I felt like something was missing. Even in this cyber world there was a sense of community as we all easily (or struggled) to post the 'letter of the day'.

We visited pages of the guests who commented on our page. We went to the A to Z Challenge List and scrolled through it looking for like minded blogs and made new friends. I enjoyed reading other peoples trials and tribulations, poems, pictures, stories...anything writing related.

I can't think of anything to make this challenge better. I have no idea how long it has been going on as this was my first year participating, but it seemed to be a well oiled machine. I was part of Lisa's Live Wires and helped weed out the blogs who stopped a bit early. I didn't come across anything offensive. The only issue I had was how people 'hid' their A to Z Blog within a Google+ page or in their webpage...or it was a maze I didn't have time to follow to get to it. But, that isn't the A to Z Committees fault.

Congratulations to everyone who completed!
Thank you for everyone to commented!
Until 2016...keep on blogging!

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