Wednesday, April 29, 2015

{WR} Yours Truly. Sincerely. Love. Does Anyone Write Letters Anymore? {Blogging from A to Z}

I grew up in the 70's and 80's where I had to hand write Thank You notes. I wrote letters to penpals all over the world and still have one in Rome, Italy today. As the INTRAnet became popular in college, then AOL mass marketed their CDs of thousands of free Internet hours, quality handwritten letters have gone by the wayside.

I remember decorating envelopes, making my own stationary, writing lines in different colors, dotting "i's with similes or hearts. I remember trying to figure out: how do I sign certain friend's cards or letters to penpals? "Love"? "Sincerely"? "Take Care?"

Do they even teach letter writing in school anymore? I have two high schoolers and a middle schooler and I think my oldest learned how in elementary school but not his younger siblings. I had to teach them how to address an envelope, where to put the stamp. They don't even write Thank You's anymore because they text or email it sooner than I can even ask them to write a letter. (And don't get me started on cursive disappearing!)

When I moved here three years ago, I sent some of my friends handwritten letters just to be different, to show how much I loved them and to see what their response would be. One was very surprised, the others loved it and told me it was nice to get something other than bills or junk mail.

Have you sent a handwritten letter to anyone recently? I still send paper Birthday and Christmas cards but since my handwritten letter binge three years ago, I haven't sent any letters. It's just easier and quicker to do it via email. However, the feeling of writing and receiving a letter is not something that can be replaced. To know a person spent time sitting and writing and making an effort to spell things correctly is something that can't be given via a computer.

This being said, I wonder how many authors till use pen and paper to write their stories?

Yours Truly,
Heather McCubbin


  1. I'm so glad to read this post today. I've been procrastinating writing a letter to a long time friend who hates Facebook and the internet because it loses the person-to-person connection of "old time" letter writing. And I love paper and pens.

  2. Oh man, my comment disappeared when I logged in. >.<

    I'm a 90s kid, so I had a little bit of letter writing, and then it was all e-mail. When I transferred colleges, my friend and I would write letters back and forth, but she stopped, so I did, too. Now we just like each other's Facebook/Instragram posts now. =\

    I still use pencil and paper to write my stories sometimes. It's easier.

  3. I used to have pen pals too! Sadly I haven't written a letter to anyone in a long time, though. Everyone just does email these days, it seems.

  4. My nan was the only person I hand wrote to until a year or so ago - now she's on an ipad and emails/skypes me!

    Hello from #atozchallenge xx

  5. I and a group of my blogging friends from around the world decided to write to each other by hand from time to time and it's still going strong. I love my trusty fountain pen and its' bottle of ink!
    Keith's Ramblings

  6. Letter-writing, be it handwritten or typed, is such a dying artform. I loved writing letters not all that long ago. It's even sadder how a lot of schools nowadays don't teach cursive, and how people who are my age or not that much younger make no bones about only printing and not knowing how to read cursive. Cursive has always been adult handwriting to me, something you're supposed to use if you're past a certain age. It's so odd to see grown adults printing everything. The death of the thank-you note is also sad.

  7. I try to send handwritten letters -- but it's hard. Emails can be shorter, facebook messages and texts can be EVEN shorter... so by the time I sit down to send a friend an actual letter I find myself at a loss for what to say. I do try though, at least to send little notes or SOMETHING on occasion.

  8. I still write a few letters by hand. It does take a lot longer, but it feels more personal that way. I also send handwritten notes with Christmas cards. I completely agree with you about it being a lost art. My kids aren't learning how to write letters in school, and no one seems to teach cursive anymore. I'm teaching my kids to do these things at home. We still do handwritten thank you notes, too.