Tuesday, April 28, 2015

{WR} Xerox/Copies, Tissues/Kleenex, iPod/MP3...what is the right word? {Blogging from A to Z}

I am going to xerox that paper. I use kleenex. I drink Coke. I listen to my iPod (even when I had a non-Apple product I called it this.) I Google answers.

It's amazing how some brand names have become an 'everyday' word for an 'everyday' item. I am not brand loyal when it comes to buying a facial tissue, but I still call it a Kleenex. I am not from the midwest so I don't say pop, I say soda, but when I talk about ordering a drink I will order I say, "I'm going to order a Coke...I'll have a Diet Coke and my daughter a Sprite."I also am going to xerox this contract and pass it out," whether it's on an HP or Xerox copy machine.

I find that my characters may be adopting this lingo as well. I try not to in many instances (see the brand name post Brand Names in Writing) but sometimes, my character REALLY wants a Diet Coke. Or, they are on the search for the newest iPod because they have to have it for a gift to give someone in the book.

Can you think of any other examples of a brand name being substituted for other items? Do you use any specific ones in your writing with your characters?


  1. The most famous one here in the UK is 'Hoover' - used instead of vacuum cleaner.
    I say Coke too...

    Hello from a fellow AtoZ-er!
    Almost there... x

  2. I too say Hoover, and I also write with a Biro! In the UK though we don't normally call drinks pop or soda - unless it's in glass of whisky! As for my characters, I don't allow them to use brand names!
    Keith's Ramblings

  3. I say these types of things all the time! I just don't call attention to them… ;)