Wednesday, April 22, 2015

{WR} Stymied For Writing Ideas? How Do You Find Your Muse? {A to Z Blogging Challenge}

If you have written, or are writing, books or stories how did those ideas come to you? I have a few full stories written and saved on my computer. I have let them sit for months, almost a year at one point, because I had hit a wall. I didn't know where to go...until a song came on the radio (Imagine Dragons "Demons") and the flood gates opened...see #3 below!

--One came when I couldn't find anyone to go to a football game with me and my mother said I should sell my one ticket on EBAY and see who buys it.

--Another one came when a friend said my "Draco" in my Harry Potter fanfic was so far removed from canon, I needed to write an original fiction...thus "Lane Changes" was born.

--A third when a friend had a dream and I thought it'd make a great story, but I couldn't figure out the personality of the main character, until I heard a song. Now,  my friend and I are working on it together.

--A fourth just brewed in my head for NaNoWriMo a few years ago and I just wrote it out/brainstormed and came out with a 30K story that still isn't finished.

How do you find your muse if you lost it/or how do your story lines come to you?


  1. I don't wait for my muse, I just force it. Meaning I write even if I have nothing to say. Eventually, the muse comes out.

    Precious Monsters

  2. Like you, anything around me can spark that light bulb in my brain. It all depends. Sometimes, being around my kids can do it too. Great job on your writing! Keep it up! ��