Friday, April 17, 2015

{WR} Pants, Jeans, Khakis-Synonyms! {A to Z Blogging Challenge}

I ran an elementary school spelling bee years ago and one of the words for the third grade was "dungarees" and I wondered how many kids knew what they were? Answer was zero. I ended up taking it out as I had to cut the list down.

In writing the thesaurus is my best friend. One can only wear "jeans" so often and I can only use/type the word "said" a few times in a conversation. It is so easy to use in Word. Put the cursor next to the word, hit TOOLS then THESAURUS and Bam! Synonym and Antonym are listed. I feel it is one of my most valuable assets for writing that is on my computer. Besides the SAVE AS :-)


  1. thank for the denimstration of how to find synonyms for jeans.

  2. I Boston, khaikis sounds just like car keys.