Friday, April 17, 2015

{WR} O is for Orioles and Other Sports Teams {Blogging From A to Z}

I was born and raised in Maryland and am an Orioles (baseball):

 Redskins (football):

and Capitals (hockey) fan.

I currently live outside of Boston so I am in the minority.

To bring a bit of home to me, when I write, I always talk about one of those three sports teams. I may mention them only once, while the main character may really be a fan of a different team, but it's my homage to Maryland and my teams. In "Lane Changes" she mentions the Redskins in passing as she isn't really into any professional sports. However, her boyfriend is a Pittsburgh Pirates (baseball) and Steelers (football) fan as that is where he was born. I am neither but since the characters are not me, I don't really have a problem with them liking these teams.

When you write, do you use real names of teams or places or even gadgets?

 I read awhile ago that you shouldn't reference things like music groups, certain fads or movies as that will date the book. Though, I dont't think you can really get around it anymore. I remember reading the original "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing" by Judy Blume to my children and Peter in the book had a tape player. Fast forward a bit and I'm reading the book to a 3rd grade class, a different version that I didn't know was updated until Peter suddenly had a CD player. But, how was Blume SUPPOSED to reference the music Peter was listening to back in the 80s? How am I supposed to reference the music that my characters listen to without using the words MP3 player or even iPod? I can only be so vague.

Just wondering what your thoughts on using brand names etc are in your writing and if you do it at all!

Have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. I try not to use brand names if I can help it, partly because I don't want to get into legal trouble, and partly because I don't know how to make the trademark symbol. I had one story where I had to go through and change Mace to pepper spray after it occurred to me that Mace was a brand name.
    I'd heard, too, that you shouldn't use things that could date the book, but sometimes I think it would be impossible not to, like with the examples you mentioned.

    1. It is tricky. I have a song that is sung and I quoted it from beginning to end, gave the proper credits at the end etc. But, whenever I publish it, I'll have to research more thoroughly if I need more permissions.