Tuesday, April 14, 2015

{WR} Let's Take A Look At Our Bookshelves {Blogging from A to Z}

Chances are, if you have lived in your house for awhile, your bookshelf is overflowing. Or you need to go out and buy one.

Luckily, we have moved twice in the last three years and I have purged, stored and handed down many books. For staging purposes in our house, we had to get rid of seven bookshelves that were around the house. We are down to three and one is mine, with about 1/4 of the books I own. As I moved, I was forced to really think about the books I wanted to keep. I noticed I had books that were never read on my shelf and when I read the blurb, I wondered why I even had it...so I donated those. All the preschool and early elementary school ones I used in teaching went into storage and hopefully will come back out when I get back to teaching this fall.

From an early age, I organized my books alphabetically by author. Here is a photo of my one bookshelf in my office...until we move at the end of June. Then, I can put up my other four bookshelves and fill them back up again. What do you have on your shelf? (I wish we could put a photo in the comments section so I could see...feel free to add a link if you have a picture of your shelf/shelves).

For the stories I write, I always have a character who likes to read. I may mention certain classics in the story but rarely do I mention books by name. Maybe, one day, when I become famous (ha!) and my character is reading a book in a scene and a reader asks what was she reading I will tell them what was in my head at that moment :-)


  1. Hmm.. I could see for sure that you have got the Twilight series :) And your last paragraph depicts the scene where Bella's copy of Wuthering Heights was torn as she undoubtedly read it so many times! Maybe Stephanie Meyer had that thought too!

  2. My bookcase is groaning under the weight of hundreds novels, all arranged by author. I had to start using Kindle because I'm out of space for any more and reluctant to throw any out!

  3. I have far too many books. I am trying to slowly cull them and donate a few boxes to my public library.
    I like running across references to other novels when I am reading so I always have a character who likes to read in my novels.
    Elizabeth Hein - Scribbling in the Storage Room

  4. My bookshelves currently contain: One Plastic Bag: The Recycling Women of Gambia; Stein on Writing; Sizzling Style:Every Word Matters; and How to Write Great Blog Posts and Engage Readers. Not very interesting but technically wholesome.

  5. My books on my shelves are sorted by topic and sometimes by sub-topic (literature - male authors, literature - female authors, literature - French, literature - other languages, etc.). Within each topic, books are in alphabetical order by author and then by title. (I'm a bit compulsive.) Most selves are stacked two deep with the most visually attractive books in front but I also rotate authors so that guests will find something new to look at. I purge out books I will never read again to make space for books (theology, language and translation, children's books, etc.) I reread and use when I'm writing. Recently, I've added some reference books on fashion as part of my new blog, http://glamofgod.com (thanks so much for visiting).

    Drusilla Barron
    also at http://lovedasif.com

  6. When I moved, I went through my books and got rid of a bunch. My bookshelf is mostly reserved for favorites and everything else I put on my kindle so they don't take up too much room.

    ~Patricia Lynne aka Patricia Josephine~
    Member of C. Lee's Muffin Commando Squad
    Story Dam
    Patricia Lynne, Indie Author

  7. moved and finally got my dream - whole wall of bookshelves!!! yay!!!

    1. I am jealous! We are moving and have a section with a built in bookshelf. I am currently arguing with my 13yo daughter about who gets it...

  8. Bookshelves are my favorite pieces of furniture. And I organize my books alphabetically by author, too. :)