Thursday, April 23, 2015

{WR} The End...How Do You End Your Work? {Blogging from A to Z}


What every author strives for after toiling at the computer, or paper, for months...years. Maybe decades.  Or, as one of my friend's wrote in her Word Doc, to her sequel of  Sing Sweet Nightingale, and posted it to Facebook: "The F*&^ing End" (I have a post about the "F" word in this challenge).

When you write "The End" are you done? Or do you like to have an epilogue? While we are at it, what are your thoughts on Prologues?

I like having an epilogue, usually. I didn't like the epilogue in Scott Westerfield's "Midnighters" series...and I was warned by the said friend above to NOT READ IT. But, I did...I should have listened to her.

Usually, I find that I want to know what the characters did after the story has ended and I do have epilogues in my stories. Prologues annoy me sometimes because I feel like it's almost the same as the blurb on the cover of the book. It gives you a hint as to what the story is going to be like. I can't really think of an epilogue that stands out in my head as being beneficial to the storyline of the book.

What are your thoughts, if any? I find the stories I write are never really 'ended' in my mind. I can think of dozens more scenes I could put my characters in, but know they aren't quality enough to be included in the story.


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  1. How about taking one of your characters out of your book you just finished and write about that ones life? How they came into the others lives in the book and etc. Just a thought.

    1. I am actually doing that now; continuing Lane Changes with a character in two more books. Thanks for the comment!

  2. I only like prologues if they're short and don't give away too much. I only have one epilogue but that's the only story that felt like it was needed. As with prologues, I only like epilogues if they are short and answer some tiny question that was left in the readers mind while still leaving it open enough that the reader can continue imagining what the characters did AFTER the story. Good post, Heather.

  3. I agree Melanie! Some don't make any sense as to why that are included. Thanks for your comment!