Monday, February 16, 2015

Music and Writing

So, for this latest story I am writing, the one with four books in it, I have been playing one song over and over. In the car (thank goodness for Bluetooth capabilities) on my laptop, iPod etc. it embodies the entire series and I thank Vega4 for their song "Life is Beautiful" in the album YOU AND OTHERS. Is there a song that can sum up your book or story?


  1. Hey there Team Mate! Came over from IWSG. Love your question here. The song "The Last Words You Said To Me" sung by Sarah Brightman is one of the driving forces behind my novel "Evangeline's Miracle." The other song is "Stand By Your Side" by Celine for each of my heroines.

    1. Didn't know if you'd seen my post yesterday on the A to Z main blog, my interview about myself, but mentioned (and linked) you and our other teammates there. Thought you'd like to check it out...