Monday, February 16, 2015

Music and Writing

So, for this latest story I am writing, the one with four books in it, I have been playing one song over and over. In the car (thank goodness for Bluetooth capabilities) on my laptop, iPod etc. it embodies the entire series and I thank Vega4 for their song "Life is Beautiful" in the album YOU AND OTHERS. Is there a song that can sum up your book or story?

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

IWSG: I wrote the "happily ever after"ending and I cried...

I began a story over eight years ago--born from a Harry Potter Draco/Ginny fan fiction gone severely out of canon (no, not 50 Shades of Grey style)-- on the advice of a friend. As I wrote, revised, took breaks, obsessed, raised my kids, moved to a different part of the US, it evolved from a standalone novel of a teen discovering love, friendship, and dealing with the crap that high school dishes out into a three (maybe four) book series that takes place over a ten year period.

This book, "Lane Changes", was one I sent to numerous publishers. I had a few bites, but it wasn't edgy enough for them. I wasn't looking to be edgy; I just had to tell Lane's story so I kept writing. The second book came pouring out and her life took a u-turn. Then, a small publisher (who published Transcendence) became interested in it and said a three book series would work better. I got to work on that and today, I typed the very last scene. Of course, it ended happily, I found THE PERFECT song to write to and I cried. I'm not sure if I was emotional because the last almost-nine years Lane's story was being told and now I had to let her go? I am still trying to figure it out.

"Lane Changes" is at the small publisher's now. It's being edited. Book 2 was just sent to them so they could see where I was going with the story.  I just emailed her and said a very rough copy of Book 3 was finished, and is over 104K may have to be split.

So, what I'm trying to ask is have you become so immersed in your story or characters that you became so emotional for whatever reason? Have you ever not wanted to stop writing about your characters? It's going to be very hard to switch gears and work on the new slightly-fantasy-like story "Sticks & Stones" I'm writing with a friend. I may have to take a long break, regroup, then come back to that one so I can make Nicole in "Sticks & Stoned" her own person, quite different from Lane.

Thanks for listening!