Monday, August 11, 2014

Writing in Airports

I traveled to Nashville and Huntsville, AL this weekend. On my way to my destinations I had a layover in Kansas City. Since I flew Southwest, I had my laptop and Kindle with me knowing that the two hour plus flight would give me time to read or write. 

However, as I pulled out my laptop on the plane and began to type, I realized that the guy next to me may be able to see what I was writing. The guy behind me could probably see, too, as I was in an exit row and there was quite a bit of space for him to look over my shoulder. I began to feel self-conscious so I closed down my laptop and read for the remainder of the trip.

Once I was in TN and AL (with Cindy who is co-writing "Sticks & Stones" with me) I was fine. She was reading/editing the story and making her suggestions the four days I was there. She lives in Huntsville, so we made sure we left early enough to get me back to Nashville for my 7pm flight. I arrived at 4pm, was lucky enough to have TSA Preflight Check-in and found a nice private corner near my gate, with an outlet.

So, I wrote and worked on my sequel to "Lane Changes".

I was by myself for about 45 minutes until someone came to charge their phone in the outlet…that was below a payphone (irony…or something?). Okay, I could still write as he was on the floor, on the other side of the payphone, and I was in a chair.

Then another person came and sat at the end of the row of chairs (only four chairs) and even though he was talking on his Bluetooth, I felt self-conscious enough not to be able to finish. So, I saved the document and figured this would be a good story post, kind of hinging on the ISWG post from last week.

So, the moral of this post? Maybe airports should have those old-fashion study carrels that the libraries have; their own power supply, softer chairs, and privacy. Maybe some of us writers would get a lot more written, in an airport, if there was some semblance of privacy!


  1. I write in the airport all the time. I've never figured anyone cared enough to try to read what I was writing. Hmmm ... maybe I should now.

  2. I'm a slightly paranoid person and also superstitious. I don't want anyone outside my circle of writing friends reading much of what I am writing before it's finished. On my way back from my trip, the person in front of me leaned all the way back so there wasn't any way I would've had room to write!