Friday, August 1, 2014

Deadlines, Schmedlines!

Posts ago I bragged how I was going to get a rough draft of my current WIP "Sticks & Stones" finished by my trip next week. I was going to give it to the co-writer, Cindy, so she could add and edit. Alas, I'm only half way done. Life and vacation got in the way.

However, half done is not so bad! I just sent her what I had and hopefully when I arrive in Alabama next week she will have her thoughts and edits. Luckily, we are staying in a hotel, giving us time to  hash out the edits and maybe even write the next upcoming chapters--in between me playing tourist and visiting her family. I'm very pleased the way it's progressing and have reached that stage where I think of the characters half of the day. I put them in different situations, in my head, and if it doesn't feel natural I push it away. I even wrote a scene that is chapters ahead and saved it in a different folder. This usually means I am on a roll...fingers crossed it stays that way!

On a different note, I am every excited to see the "Outlander" series on STARZ. This is one of my favorite books and seeing real life actors portraying Jamie and Claire are a bit unnerving. They are nothing like what I had in my head. Claire was taller, bigger and had dark blond curly hair. Jamie was taller, bigger, broader and had longer straighter hair. However, the trailer and interviews I have seen lead me to believe that this could be a smash hit. Fingers crossed on this one, too!

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