Sunday, July 20, 2014

Back from vacation and boy did I...! I did not do any writing. Zip. Zilch. Unless you count the grocery list.
Instead, I read.
You need to read to be a better writer. That much is 100% true. I read Garden Spells, The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden, The Redemption of Callie and Kayden, A Dog's Journey (sequel to A Dog's Purpose), Second Glance by Jodi Piccoult and a book that I am reviewing for a site, here.

The upside to not writing, and being at the beach and not doing ANYTHING--except figuring out what is for dinner, watching dolphins and debating which Old Pro mini golf course we are going to play--is your brain is relaxed and accepting of new ideas.

For Lane Changes, my YA/New Adult novel, I came to the realization I am going to try to market it to an agent again. I had a few nibbles years ago and even after 20 rejection letters and two 'give me more' and one request for a 'full MS' that is enough to carry me through the last few years. I knew I could make it better. So, I tightened it up, added the advice an agent gave me, had another person beta/edit it and after one more read through, I'm going to prepare those query letters. Scary.

For Sticks & Stones, the YA Fantasy I am working on with my friend Cindy, I had about a bajillion ideas come to me. A few I tossed away like a shell into the ocean. The others I let percolate and two were so intense, I dreamt about them. After a day back at home grocery shopping, cleaning, picking up the dog from the kennel, I am hoping I will have time tomorrow to play with these ideas. It's time to get working on Sticks & Stones if I am going to have it to Cindy by mid-August.

Fingers crossed everything falls into place!

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