Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Title Reveal for WIP...

When this story began, as a dream of Cindy's (my co-writer), she wrote it out as a short story. When I read it, I realized there was just too much of a story to be confined to just a few pages and offered to write, if she kept the storyline coming.

Up until a few months ago, this Work In Progress (WIP) was labeled as "Cindy's Story". I was trying to think of a good working title that encompasses the feel of this book. Because I am only slightly superstitious, I don't feel comfortable revealing the plot...yet.

I will say it is a Young Adult book, the characters are in their last year of high school and some are beyond it. There is a younger brother who hasn't spoken a word in his 14 years of life and no one knows why. There are three boys dressed up around Halloween time in demon costumes, or so our main character, Nicole, thinks. While navigating through her world she begins to realize there is a group of ancient beings who protect her. She has no idea who or why at first. As she learns new names, overcomes almost-insurmountable objects and navigates love and loss, she become stronger;  physically, emotionally and with the powers that lay dormant...until she turned 18.

"Sticks & Stones" seemed to be the perfect title to work with.

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