Sunday, April 6, 2014

Favorite Book Quotes

This article came across my Facebook news feed; it is about 10 profound Children's Book Quotes. You can read the article here. They mention Dr. Seuss, The Giving Tree, Harry Potter...but the first  two which came to my mind were not in that article and are quite different from each other.

#1: "Goodnight moon...Goodnight noises, everywhere".

"Goodnight Moon" was read to me when I was a baby in the early 1970s. I have vague memories of looking at the book with my little sister, helping her find certain things in the pictures. I was maybe four and she was close to one at the time and I still have my copy from the 1970s.
When my first child was born in '97, I bought him a board book copy and read it while pregnant and when he was a baby. Now, I buy "Goodnight Moon" as a gift for every baby shower I go to. I think it's a great way to teach children that sleep is not something to be afraid of when you are little. The drawings are simplistic, colorful and full of emotion. It also has a bit of fun within the pages as your child tries to find the little mouse that appears on every colored page.

#2: from Dumbledore to Harry Potter, "It is our choices...that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities." This was even written on our local library's wall when I lived back in Maryland. To be honest, when I read the series it didn't stand out until I was in the Children's Room at the library and saw it written up there. As a parent (I read the series before and right after I had my kids) it hit me more than when I originally read it on how true that quote is.

So, this begs the question: what book quotes have stuck with you through the years? Do your kids have a favorite one?

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  1. My kids like the Fablehaven series. We read it as a family. Here's some of our favorite quotes:

    "If you can read this, you can read."
    "I pressed the most buttons!"
    "For Frito Lay!"

    Okay, none of those quotes are profound, but they all are filled with personality and fun. I think Fablehaven's one of our family favorites.