Tuesday, April 1, 2014

20344 and counting!

What felt like a few minutes ago, I pulled up the previous post and looked at what my word count was before I sliced out a section. Next thing I know, I'm beyond that number and into the 20Ks. Amazing how fast time flies, and your story, when you find the thread that will weave everything together and start pushing you towards the crux of the story.

I don't worry about being perfect when first writing out my story. It's a brainstorm of ideas, thoughts, sentences, conversations. I stop and start like a 16 year old learning how to alternate between the gas and brake pedal. I go back, read what I have written and add or take out a few things then move on. Once the whole story is completed, then I go back and do a full edit, which can take weeks, as I delete those pesky words I use too much, like "that", or flush out an idea. I spell check and use the thesaurus.  Working on "showing" versus "telling" is one of the hardest things for me, so that's when I send out my first edited copy to a beta reader. I am hoping I'll hit this stage sometime in May, but we'll see.

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