Monday, March 24, 2014


Today I had a thought about my WIP. Months ago, I ran into a wall and after getting frustrated, I ignored writing.

I've done everything else BUT write: foster a pregnant cat (see my blog: search for a job, clean the house, volunteer, take the dog on a walk, college visits with my oldest, read. Then today as I was walking from one room to another I thought, "I need to call Cindy. I wonder if we should cut the last scene I wrote. Make the readers wonder about "something" throughout the entire book rather than having it solved up front." I knew the answer before I even finished voicing the thought to myself!

I didn't call her because she has been studying for mid-terms. Then around lunch time she calls, mainly for some reassurance she'll do wonderful on a nursing assessment test. She will. We chat about that but I then ask her the question I thought of and she doesn't hesitate when she says, "Yes. Love that." So, I let the idea percolate a bit.

Fast forward 4 hours-"now"-and a friend of mine just posted she has a literary agent. I realize, I have to get moving on this story. It's a great idea, unique, one of a kind from what we can tell. I don't want someone else to snatch it up before it ever gets "that" good (and finished) where we can begin to market it.

So, I opened up my story folder, found the one we are working on and deleted the last scene. I went from 19,983 words down to 18,079. Not a HUGE cut; not starting over; nothing I can't surmount. However, it has given me a whole new direction to go in and I'm excited to once again begin working on this story we have dubbed, "Sticks & Stones." The original title, when Cindy wrote it as a short story, was "Shades of Grey". Umm, yeah. That won't work anymore. Even though our title came out years before "50 Shades of Grey" hit the shelves, we knew we couldn't have anything that close. Especially since it is not anywhere NEAR the genre of "50 Shades."

So, in between dinner and running my son to a meeting tonight, I'll pick at it. We have the last scene plotted out so maybe I'll work on that and then fill in the "blanks."

Tomorrow is wide open until dinner. I should be able to get a couple thousand words down by then, right?

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  1. So awesome! Writing with someone can usually help you with the roadblocks and the brainstorming. That's why I now write with my husband. He and I see things from opposite sides of the spectrum, but rather than that getting in the way and causing fights, it means that way can create deeper, better stories. Good luck!