Saturday, January 25, 2014

One of the best e-books I have read!

There is a group on Goodreads that work together and help writers' stories get out into the world. I have read a few and found that these people really do want feedback and do work hard to write the best story they can.

I came across "Breaking Ties" by Jo Grafford and the synopsis had me hooked. I emailed her, asking if I could read it and in return I'd leave reviews.

I was so happy that I contacted her.

The story is rich in detail from the late 1500's, as a group of English men and women set sail for the New World. You can tell this area of history is a passion of Jo's and that she researched her you-know-what off to get the facts and details right. From the first paragraph, I had a vivid scene building in my head of what was happening. The writing was rich and vibrant and even though there were alot of characters to keep track of, I enjoyed almost every one of them.

If you like colonial American History, strong-willed women, clean romance, action and sailors then I recommend downloading her story Breaking Ties.

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