Thursday, June 6, 2013

The perfect song...

I am in cahoots with my long time (30 years!) friend Cindy. We've come up with an outstanding idea for a new story. Well, she came up with it and after numerous phone conversations--where that idea came up again and again--we decided that we'd put it down on paper.

However, after 18 pages into it I hit that dreaded writer's block. The characters were just beginning to blossom, the story was on it's way to one of the first pivotal events and then I got stuck. Cindy and I have so many ideas on who, what, where for this story that I had too many avenues to follow so I stopped and gave myself two weeks off. Then, the other afternoon, we were talking and yet another fantastic idea came out of our conversation. It was the bridge I needed from Point A to Point B, so I sat down today to at least write a scene with her idea in it.

Rewind: 30 minutes earlier I had finally updated my iPod to include some new music like the goup "Imagine Dragons." I put it in my iHome and was updating my computer when their song "Demons" came on and from the first two lines I knew this was the story's theme song. I mean, this story doesn't even have a title yet beyond "Cindy's Story" but the theme song hit me. When that happens--at least over the last four fan-fiction stories,  three unpublished novels and one short story--it means that the writer's block is over. The perfect song! Here it is if you'd like to listen to it. The video doesn't really represent that idea, but the words do. Now, off to try and crank out another page or two before the kids get home from school!

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  1. I <3 LOVE <3 Imagine Dragons! I'm really excited to hear more about your new book.