Saturday, August 25, 2012


I finished a book by Erin Morgenstern called The Night Circus (Yes! No Clowns in this book) earlier this week. I decided to let it settle before I said too much about it. Unfortunately, that doesn't really matter because I STILL can't come up with a better way to sum up this book.
In a world full of copycat plot lines, stale story lines and horribly written books, The Night Circus was a breath of fresh air, to be cliche. My "Goodreads" review was as follows: 

One of the strangest most unique pieces of fiction I have read in a long time. Or, is it fantasy? Science Fiction? It seemed to contain all genres of literature. If I had to say, "this book was like ___" I think I would have to say it's like Harry Potter, The Eight and Water for Elephants all rolled into one, but it only accounts for maybe 60% of the theme of the book. The other 40% I can't put my finger on just yet.
(I would now change this to the other 40% is truly unique, Morgenstern's own creation.)
 I can't imagine how hard it may have been for Morgenstern to keep every character straight and to keep the timeline consistent. I am very intrigued on how the idea came to her and how she made it flourish beneath her pen (or laptop). 

This is a book you should own, so you can re read it again and catch everything you didn't catch the first time. It's one you should loan out to people but ask for it to be returned. It's a book to read with your book club so you can talk about the theme and what you would do if presented with the opportunities the characters had bestowed, or forced, upon them.

If you want a more succinct summary, look up the blurb one any of the numerous book websites as I can't describe it any better than they can!

After I finished this book, I read two more in a new series. They are your typical young-woman-finds-out-she-has-a-power-and-uses-it-for-good-while-meeting-an-attractive-new-cop-in-her-small-town. The jacket caught my eye, then I noticed that the second book in this new series was on a stand alone display in B&N under the title "Cooking Mysteries". There must have been 10 books that fit this bill (this one doesn't) and I began thinking, how many books are copy cats of others? I know this has been the case in the past. Now, because ANYONE can write ANYTHING and put it up on Amazon for ANYONE to buy, the ideas which flow out of many an authors hand just aren't  unique anymore. Another book I am interested in is called Every Day by David Levithan. When I read the summary, I immediately thought, "This sounds like one of my favorite books A Certain Slant of Light." To see if this is the case, I will be reading Levithan's new book as soon as I can get my hands on it at my local library. I have chosen not to read anything beyond the author's blurb so nothing is given away.

In sum, plot lines that sounds the same, or are similar in nature, is why The Night Circus stands alone. It kept my attention, had me up late a night trying to get in just one more chapter and is unlike anything that I have ever read. I'm wondering how long until the movie comes out? If you've read it, who would you cast as the main characters?