Monday, February 6, 2012

Signing my first book!

On Saturday, TRANSCENDENT came in the mail and I got to sign my first book, for my contest winner, to Jen Conner. I struggled with, "Do I sign this neatly?" "Do I use a special pen?" Then I realized, it doesn't matter what I use or how I do it. So, I picked up the nearest pen (a black one in my junk drawer) and signed my usual signature (which looks like it says "Heath" and a bunch of loops for my last name) then put it aside so I wouldn't lose it.

It's interesting to read about authentic signatures. I sold a book on EBAY a few years back that I had signed by Stephenie Meyer and the research I read about her signature talked about how she signed it with "this" kind of pen in the first 3 books, then switched to "that" kind of pen. I have a copy of "Twilight" & "New Moon" signed at a small gathering in PA; her last book I had signed was years ago when I was in CA and I was at the end of a line consisting of about 5000 people. Her signature looks tired, just like she did. I know I'll never sign as many books as she has but each one of hers is a bit different. I can vividly remember where I was, about how many people were there and what she said to me (if anything) when she signed it.

(The reason I chose to talk about Meyer is she is the only author where I've attended multiple signings.)

Have any of you stood in line to get a book signed? Who did you wait for?


  1. I once attended a 6 YA author signing. I only had enough money for 2 books, so I got Outside In signed by Maria V. Snyder and then picked XVI by one of the debut authors Julia Karr. I liked Julia Karr's straightforward manner of talking about her book, and I wanted to support someone new to writing.

  2. I was going to say that I practiced my signature hundreds of times before I signed my first book. Silly? Yeah, probably.