Tuesday, January 17, 2012

We have a winner!

We have a winner for the "Pick a Theme Song Contest", Jen's "Invisible Touch" by Genesis! She will be receiving a copy of the book and an iTunes gift card for $10!

Stay tuned for another contest where you can win a signed copy, a bracelet that represents the book and a book honoring my character's best friend's ghosty interests...!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Find A Theme Song For "Shadows of Promise" in TRANSCENDENT...

TEASER COMING UP: I have this very talented artsy-crafty friend that I've known since "forever". She has gracefully offered to hand make a bracelet that represents "Shadows of Promise" in Transcendent: Tales of the Paranormal.  This bracelet and a copy of the paperback book will be the prizes for my second contest. TEASER ENDED!

For this contest (my first one) you will win a paperback copy of Transcendent: Tales of the Paranormal and a $10 iTunes gift certificate!  Anyone has the ability to win the gift certificate and book--all you have to do is find a song for me.

What kind of song? Well, if you've read the story "Shadows of Promise" you'll have an edge for this contest, if not you can still participate--or download the e-book on Amazon or B&N.com. Look at the cover, think about the story you've read. What song (past or present) do you think should be the theme song for "Shadows of Promise"? It can be an unknown band you found on You Tube, a song you recorded and never let anyone hear, until now, or something from a Top 40 band. Doesn't matter what genre (just keep it clean, please) or the age of the song. When you found what you believe is the theme song, post the link and your name in the comment section. If you are comfortable posting your contact information there, or a link to a blog/site you may have, feel free. If not, email me via my blog with the link and your contact information.

This contest will end on January 13--a week from today! I will listen to the songs over the holiday weekend and post the winner the week of January 16th. 

Why did I pick "find my story a theme song" as a contest? Well, I realized that this is the FIRST story I've written where I didn't listen to music. I have an entire album dedicated to my full length novel (which I am contemplating putting up on Amazon.com after I've edited it one more time) but nothing for "Shadows of Promise"...so I open the door the readers & music lovers of the world. Find me a song, you'll win cool prizes!