Saturday, November 26, 2011

Teaser Time!

Guess what appeared in my inbox on Thanksgiving evening? A PDF file of Transcendent: Tales of the Paranormal! The authors have been so on top of the edits, 90% of the book is typeset! The publisher is waiting on one author bio and a blurb from a well-known author to help promote the book. I was told that the e-book *may* be available by Christmas. There will be printed copies available and some will be handed out in contests (stay tuned to my blog to win one!), a few will be handed out to other authors to read and review on their blog and others will be available for purchase through the usual sites online. I will definitely keep you updated!

Teasers. We've all seen them either for the movie we are anticipating the most (can anyone say Hunger Games?) or a word from a widely famous book (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows). I was given permission to put a teaser up from my story on this blog! It took me awhile to find something suspenseful, yet not too revealing about what is going on in Shadows of Promise...

      The undulating light grew stronger and brighter with each passing moment. Dawn's hand slipped off the cursor, wondering how anything so beautiful could be threatening. Within seconds, the light became an almost discernible shape.
     "Oh, come on!" Todd scrambled to his feet, his arm waving in the direction of the lights. "This is so freaking fake. You all can't believe this li—" The wind lifted him off his feet, spun him around in the air like a top, and then tossed him to the floor with a thud like someone dropping a suitcase.
      Stunned silence followed. As Todd groaned and rolled over to get up, everyone except Lauren, Dawn and Sean ran screaming from the circle, shoving one another to get out of the room.

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