Monday, November 21, 2011

Once Upon A Time..., not the TV show (which is one of my favorites) but in writing--making it perhaps one of the most popular concoction of four words ever.

Once Upon A Time, I was a teenager. I wrote romance stories and hid them in my file cabinet. I have no idea if my parents ever saw them or not, but they always ended when the boy kissed the girl. I never wrote beyond that part. I would write it out, pen and paper back in the 80s, on the back of the scrap paper my father would bring home from work. I spent days working my way up to the pivotal moment of the kiss. Right after it happened, the papers would be tucked into a file folder until I left for college. Before I left home,  I threw them away. I wish I hadn't because I'd love to try and draw parallels to what I wrote and what was going on in my life at the time...I sure wasn't getting kissed by any boys which is probably why I lived vicariously through my female character!

Fast forward through college, marriage, jobs, children, Harry Potter...when HP hit the stage, a friend introduced me to "fanfiction". She guided me in the direction of some great stories and encouraged me to write some for myself. One such story had Draco becoming such his own character, so far away from JK's representation of the beloved Slytherin, that she suggested making him a character into my own story. Years later, I have a polished manuscript of a YA Romance (what else) with a Draco-like character. I received some interest when peddling it around to agents, but it ended there. That was fine with me as my first attempt (two years earlier) at submitting it was meant with all NO's.

Putting my YA book on the back burner, I concentrated on my new job as a teacher. My lack of writing lasted about four months until I heard through a fellow author about someone wanting to put together a paranormal short story collection and would I want to write something? Of course I did, even though paranormal isn't my first choice of genre to write. I worked on "Shadows of Promise" (titles always come when the book/story is completed for me) for two weeks, submitted it and months later a new and up coming publishing agency said they liked it! One round of edits later--the second one is coming, don't worry--numerous emails, a contract, an online introduction to the other authors and now I can finally say I will be a published author.

Transcendent: Tales of the Paranormal will be published in the spring of 2012. My name is on the front cover, my story is inside and in "Shadows of Promise"...well, I'm not telling you if the girl gets kissed or not. You'll have to read the book to find out!


  1. I am so excited for you guys! Good luck! :D

  2. This is the most exciting news EVER!! I can't wait to read your story. Congratulations!! Now I can say my friend Heather is a published author.I know this is just the beginning of big things, keep the stories coming. Good Luck!!