Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Kids Say the Darndest Things

I always said I should write a book based upon comments I hear children say either to each other or in response to a direction question. However, that's been done (the title above was a book that Rosie O'Donnell wrote many years ago) but I thought I'd share a few that I've heard in my classroom, or from their parents:

4 year old girl playing with a TRex and a Triceratops: "Hello, Triceratops, how are you?" "I'm fine, T-Rex, how are you?" "I'm fi--ROOOOOAAARRRR!" and she takes the TRex and pounces on the Triceratops as it pretends to eat the polite dinosaur.

3 year old girl at snack time: "I want more lemonade!" Me: "What is the magic word?" Girl: "Abracadabra!"

3 year old girl in circle time, in the middle of October. "What is the month?" Silence. "It has Halloween in it..." Silence then a little girl shouts, "Hollowember!"

3 year old girl doing the helper chart, "I want to be the windy helper today!" (weather helper)

3 year old girl telling me what she is thankful for in a letter to her parents, "I am thankful for my pants."

3 year old girl comes up to me upset with another 3 year old girl trailing behind her.
"Mrs. McCubbin! She's mean!" points to the girl behind her.
"She is saying I am silly!" hands on her hips, she looks angry.
"Well, [insert her name] are you silly?" I ask.
"Okay then." I respond, wanting to see what she does next.
Girl who complains turns to the one behind her. "Okay. I'm silly. You win." They run off and play tag.

I'm sure I'll have more as they come to me, or as I hear the stories in class. Stay tuned!

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